Paul Jason Young

Welcome to Sonny Studios, thank you for visiting and experiencing my passion!  PJY

Words from the boss


KIAORA ! Yes, I am a Kiwi or New Zealander to any world wide web swinger's. I've been interested in visual story telling for about 35 years now and I believe I have a good grasp on how to form visual aspects to interest an audience.  I want to be able to share that with those interested or those people that haven't yet realized how an idea can warm the soul.   

Sonny Studios has formed to bring ideas to reality with an ultimate voice of giving our story tellers the opportunity to be heard on a world stage.  My goal is to share my experience and abilities with people needing some collaboration, insider tips, skill upgrades or just to be told what they are missing to get them that break.  


mission statement
-Sonny Studios, to provide 1st  class designs from concept to final products.


Company Initiative

-To innovate visual concepts to world class standards.

-Taking our clients ideas and creating award winning results.



Paul entered University with a scholarship in Oil Painting and graduated in 2003 after completing 6 years at University, majoring in Classical Animation and minoring in Human Anatomy, Architecture and Technical Drafting. Paul then attained an internship into Walt Disney's last 2D Film studio and worked into full-time employment producing 5000

drawings per year on the films Bambi 2, Brother Bear 2 and Cinderella - A Twist in Time.


Paul has also worked as a freelance Graphic Designer since 1996. Paul has always had a passion for comics since reading Asterix as a kid and watching 80's cartoons.


In 2019 Paul has worked with many major licences including Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Power Puff Girls, Adventure Time, Toki Doki and the list keeps growing.