This service began in 2006 soon after the closing of Walt Disney’s last classically drawn 2D film studio.


With the loss of the largest 2D Studio in the World it is unfortunate that Artist’s interested in being professional are unable to be involved in an internship that enhances efficiency and skill to world class standards for pencil artists like no other.


Paul himself has like many other artists spent years trying to gain the skill necessary to make a living as a professional in the Art Industry.  His success is gained by his knowledge from universities and studio experience with Walt Disney and other TV animation studios and the support of some of the worlds most talented artists.  Paul is willing to assist any passionate artists wishing to enhance their talents so they can have the opportunity to further their careers.


During the last sixteen years  Paul has trained students and practicing artists in eye opening workshops and one on one tuition.


George Lovesy: “I was amazed that in one week my classmates and I could learn more from Mr. Young than in one year of University.”

George is now a Senior Lead Concept Artist for New Zealands leading Game Design company after training post grad with Paul for 3 years..


Courses are  customed to the students needs.  Ages have ranged from 14 to 60 years old. 


Recent courses have entailed, 2D Animation, Human Anatomy Studies, Concept Design, Storyboards, Comic Art, Digital Art, Speed training and High School Art & Design Exams.

In testament every student under Paul's tuition has topped their school in their art field.


For a two hour session the cost is only  $100.00.  Homework is provided.